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Current Rebates from your Local Energy Utility

Puget Sound Energy Rebate
Tacoma Power Rebate
Seattle City Light Rebate
Cascade Natural Gas Rebate

Discounted Pricing

We Offer Special Discounts for Seniors, Low Income, Disabled & First Responders. Just let us know when we estimate your project.
Happy to help if we can!

Giving Back

Have a friend, neighbor, or family member experiencing a health or financial hardship? Nominate them for our Giving Back Program.
Federa Rebate


Federal Heat Pump Rebate

Starting in 2023, you will be able to claim a tax credit for 30% of the costs of buying and installing a heat pump, up to $2,000 including support for any electric system upgrades needed to make the home heat-pump-ready. 

State programs will also offer low- and moderate-income households rebates for heat pumps at the point-of-sale, cutting costs of purchase and installation up to $8,000. If home electrical upgrades are needed to integrate new heat pumps, rebates of up to $4,000 will also be available to households.  Learn more at

Federal Heat Pump Rebate
Up to $8000

Home Comfort on any Budget

Get the expert service you need without stressing about the cost.
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